Brand Audit

Brand Audit


Does your brand accurately and consistently communicate who you are and what you stand for? Do you even need a rebrand right now? Are you missing a key touchpoint? This 8-Point Brand Audit (a $4,000 value) is your opportunity to get a professional evaluation of your brand with actionable feedback on which aspects of your brand are working and where there’s room for improvement.

 The 8-Point Brand Audit includes:

  1. Vision, Mission & Values

    While you may not make these explicit in your external communications, audiences have become expert at detecting inconsistency between what you say and what you do, which can cause mistrust. Employees who can connect with a meaningful vision and clear values are also more engaged, more productive, and better ambassadors of your brand.

  2. Logo

    Your logo isn’t your whole brand, but it’s an important piece that you’ll want to make sure accurately reflects who you are now. It should evolve with your company and has to work in all of the applications that you need.

  3. Color

    Color has a powerful psychological impact on people’s behavior. 85% of buyers say color is a primary reason they make a purchase. Make sure your brand colors are the ones most likely to evoke the desired emotion in your target customer.

  4. Personality & Voice

    Personality, expressed through visual style and voice, is one of the key ways to differentiate your brand. Personality and voice also tell your customers the kind of relationship they can expect to have with you and whether they belong in your tribe. Trying to appeal to everybody is a sure way to appeal to nobody.

  5. Typography

    Your choice of typography communicates your personality and can make a difference in whether your brand is perceived as traditional or modern, budget or luxury. Fonts also have some serious work do in terms of legibility and compatibility with various technology.

  6. Photos & Imagery

    Photos, videos, and illustrations tell a story more efficiently and often more powerfully than words. Are yours telling the right story?

  7. Messaging

    Most buying decisions are ultimately emotional, not rational. Make sure your messaging goes beyond a laundry list of features to speak to the emotional needs of your customer.

  8. Consistency

    Your customers interact with your brand across a multitude of media and touchpoints, from your website and social media to customer service, product packaging, and even how your employees talk about the company. Maintaining consistency across all of these interactions is crucial the power of your brand.

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